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Why Concura?


We believe a high performing firm begins with a healthy, engaged workforce. We can help with that.

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For Employees

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Did you Know Sitting is the New Smoking?

In North America, we sit more than anywhere else in the world

Despite active hobbies, most people spend their workday in sedentary positions

This has negative long-term effects to your health as prolonged sitting leads to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

Aggravating Factors:

Poor posture (head forward, slouched, elevated or rounded shoulders), legs crossed

MSD’s Developed:

Neck and back pain (degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, muscle strains, tension headaches) and sciatica


Aggravating Factors:

Excessive typing, palms resting on keyboard

MSD’s Developed:

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinopathy (DeQuervin’s, tennis elbow)



Aggravating Factors:

Poor posture, hunched over, looking down

MSD’s Developed:

Neck pain, tension headaches, radiculopathy, shoulder pain


Even if you are moderately to highly active, spending time engaged in any of these activities increases the risk of developing MSDs


For Employers

Ignoring MSDs in employee wellness programs is costing you money

MSDs are the primary driver of workplace absences